KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 26): I-Bhd has struck a partnership with China Mobile International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (CMIM) to further enhance i-City, by building the first smart green building in the country.

In a statement to the bourse Wednesday (Jan 26), I-Bhd said its subsidiary i-City Properties (i-City) is teaming up with CMIM.

i-City director Monica Ong said a corporate tower will be equipped with 5G internet-enabled cameras and sensors to monitor the environment, energy consumption and human traffic flow for data gathering purposes.

She said with artificial intelligence (AI) technology incorporated into the building fabric, energy used to power lights, air conditioning and other electrical equipment can be tuned automatically based on the weather and number of people inside the building.

“Conversely, resource planning for security and cleanliness too can be managed more effectively adding that with sufficient data gathered, machines connected to the building will be able to identify and highlight to the building management peak hours and number of cleaners and security personnel required ahead of time with the capability of AI.

“This will improve sustainability and building tenant experience which is the key priority and at the same time placing emphasis on the sustainability and environment of our Smart City,” she said.

Ong said that with the rollout of 5G this year, i-City will be working on numerous AI enhancements to ensure that the ultrapolis maintains its position as Malaysia’s first and most progressive smart city.

Meanwhile, CMIM director of enterprise Jackie Chen Jiang Long said the tech solution provider was heartened by i-City’s commitment in optimising the use of AI in environmental conservation.

“We look forward to working with i-City to continuously develop innovative ICT-based solutions to help save energy and reduce carbon footprints in order to protect the environmental ecosystem,” Chen said.