(Pocket-lint) – Despite your best efforts and desires, you can’t keep an eye on your baby all the time. You also need to sleep, cook, and perform other activities while raising your baby. The first couple of months (and years) can be fraught and stressful because you’re constantly fighting off sleep and fatigue while ensuring your baby remains safe, always.

Bebcare is a brand dedicated to producing cutting-edge baby monitoring devices that alleviate your concerns. With best-in-class performance and features, Bebcare baby monitors, audio monitors, and breathing sensors allow you to see, hear, and feel your baby. If something is even slightly awry, you are immediately notified, allowing you to take prompt action.

Below, we provide an overview of the most popular and useful products in Bebcare’s range of baby monitors and sensors. Keep reading to the end to find out how to get 10 percent off any purchase at Bebcare, too.

The Bebcare iQ combines the unique features of traditional baby monitors and WiFi to help you keep an eye on your baby. It features a 1080p HD camera with 360-degree pan-and-tilt capabilities, allowing you to follow your baby wherever it goes. Furthermore, the camera includes infrared lenses that provide crystal-clear night vision, allowing you to monitor the baby even in complete darkness.

Bebcare iQ also includes a night light and a pre-installed selection of lullabies. If the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, you can activate the lullabies and night light to help it drift back into a restful sleep. This device also comes with room temperature an optional baby movement sensor mat, so you’re immediately informed if there are any irregularities in the baby’s breathing.

Bebcare iQ also includes an innovative background white noise silencer that drowns out your neighborhood sounds, allowing you to sleep restfully. The inbuilt intercom feature allows you to communicate with your baby from a distance, so you don’t have to go to your baby’s room every time they wake up at night. You can also connect multiple cameras to the same app.