Future Technologies Venture, LLC (Future Technologies) and Megh Computing have partnered to bring industry-leading Open Analytics computer vision solutions to industrial, government, service provider, and other markets.

Future Technologies is an international end to end solution provider of innovative Connectivity, Compute (Cloud, Edge, Hybrid, MEC), Automation, and advanced Use Case Solutions. Support and expertise are the foundation of success at Future Technologies: in addition to equipment and software solutions, the company offers a wide range of managed services and turnkey solutions.

VAS Suite from Megh Computing is the latest example of value-added applications provided by Future Technologies that enable Smart Building, Smart City, Smart Factory, and Smart Office initiatives. The intelligent video analytics software is customizable and cross-platform, with real-time performance in demanding environments. Future Technologies can now deploy AI deep learning video analytics for a wide set of use cases (including situational awareness, people counting, custom analytics, & more), with unparalleled flexibility in hardware options and system architecture.

“Future Technologies is excited to advance our relationship with Megh Computing to be strategic in nature and address our broader customer base with their advanced Video Analytics solution. Over the past year of commercial deployments, we have enjoyed Megh’s ability to grow with our customer engagements and solve for our clients’ specific problems in an agile and affordable way to address their needs,” said Peter Cappiello, CEO of Future Technologies. “Megh’s ability to be flexible in terms of utilizing multiple types of video feeds and connectivity while overcoming different deployment scenarios has truly helped our company be more dynamic in solving our clients operational problems and providing unseen insight via Megh’s platform solution.”

“Megh’s web-based VAS Suite, with Concierge Support, makes it easy to generate actionable insights from video analytics that extends the capabilities of our partners’ solutions while reducing total cost of ownership,” said Prabhat K Gupta, CEO of Megh Computing.