Kyiv City State Administration has implemented a project to build a city backbone network and infrastructure for the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

According to Kyiv City State Administration, with reference to the chief digital transformationofficer of Kyiv (CDTO) Petro Olenych, this will allow monitoring the state of the environment, controlling the microclimate in schools or hospitals and improving the efficiency of public services.

“A smart city is impossible without the introduction of the Internet of Things technologies: traditional infrastructure, a network of connected sensors and a control system. Already, Kyiv is covered with a network for collecting and analyzing data – 295 base stations operate in all districts of the city for this. The next step is to install sensors on locations and information analysis,” he said.

Thanks to the LoRaWAN wireless communication technology, sensors can be used to obtain data with maximum energy efficiency, Oleh Polovinko, the director of the department of information and communication technologies of Kyiv City State Administration, explained.

It is planned that the sensors will be installed on gas pipelines, water pipes, electrical panels, etc.

One of the examples of the implementation of IoT in the city is “smart waste bins”.

“Sensors on the tanks will inform about the possible ignition of a fire in the container, display and predict the fullness using an ultrasonic signal. When the tank is full, the utilities will be notified about the need for garbage collection.

“What are the direct effects of these decisions on this example? Processes are becoming more economical: we do not drive a garbage truck around the city, but we can optimally build a route, saving both fuel and driver time,” he emphasized.

As reported, the mobile operator lifecell, together with the Internet of Things network operator using the LoRaWAN technology, the IoT Ukraine company and the integrator company Smart Eco Logic, launched a project of water supply account for Lutskvodokanal.