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Smart home technology isn’t exactly new, but it did take a while to become truly mainstream. Now more than ever, there’s a wide variety of smart home products that are reliable, easy to use and, in many cases, compatible with different smart hubs and voice assistants.

To get a firm grasp on the best way to turn your home into a smart one, we sat down with technology expert Jaime Vazquez for tips on all kinds of setups, from simple lighting and security add-ons in small apartments to extensive permanent installations in family homes.

First priority: lighting
You can go one of two routes for smart lighting. Smart bulbs from big names such as TP-Link Kasa and lesser-known, budget-oriented companies including Govee have the advantage of customizable color and warmth, although there are some great simple dimmable bulbs available as well.

The disadvantage of using smart bulbs is that they will eventually burn out. Instead of bulbs, TP-Link also offers smart switches and smart plugs that add automated wireless control to any room or outlet. If you’re not willing or able to install electrical components, the Wemo V3 smart plug is another excellent choice.