View, Inc. (View), the foremost innovators in smart building technology, has made history by having their Smart Windows installed at the Durst Organization’s 71-story, 755 foot skyscraper, the Sven, in Long Island City — making it the tallest residential building in North America to feature smart windows.

“View glass reduces energy use and provides access to natural light and unobstructed views,” said Durst. “It epitomizes Sven’s approach to sustainability by simultaneously using energy and our natural resources efficiently and creating a place where people are healthy, productive and happy.”

The Smart Windows are a reinvention that will change the future of the real estate industry, said the View team, referring to the significant advantages that the Smart Windows have on homes when compared to the heat-strengthened glass typically chosen by developers. The Smart Windows differ from common glass in that they utilize artificial intelligence to remotely adapt to heat and glare, completely eliminating the need for blinds, minimizing energy intake from all home mechanical systems (such as HVAC) “by as much as 20 percent,” according to View, while also providing substantial health benefits to their users.

According to View analysts, a recent study discovered that individuals living in buildings with View Smart Windows “slept 16 minutes longer and experienced 11% less anxiety” than those living in homes with standard windows and blinds.

“View is on a mission to transform all buildings into smart, healthy, and sustainable occupant experiences,” said, CEO of View, Dr. Rao Mulpuri. “We are gaining significant traction in the multi-family sector and are thrilled to partner with Durst to bring the game-changing benefits of our technology to residents of Sven.”

The Durst Organization (Durst) is one of the country’s leading real estate developers, owners and managers, with about 13 million square feet of office space and three million square feet of residential space. Durst heavily prioritizes environmental sustainability when constructing their buildings, according to their website, which is why they weave “residential wellness” into the Sven building’s design and management, as seen by their water-efficient fixtures and all of the building’s mechanical systems set to reduce energy consumption, further limiting Sven’s C02 emissions. Durst installed the View Smart Windows as another layer of their sustainability mission, according to the Durst Organization, due to the Window’s enhanced energy efficiency, natural light optimization, and its source for continuous outdoor views.